The End

Ana Minerva


El Fin (the end)

Portrait methodology

Watercolor pencils and pen on paper

16.5 x 11.5 each

From 2010 until now

This project is about the portrait of the ideas of different people and how they understand the end as an apocalyptic ending, wether in their personal lives or in a general context of the existence, wether it is a vision/concept which comes to their minds automatically or a reasonable theory. I have used these ideas of the people as the medium and material to illustrate a sensation that, in my opinion, the society is carrying inside in a deceptive way which has been, is and, I suppose, will be in every era of the human history. From each idea I made a random investigation to unify them with my graphic method of representation. Sometimes the result is very clear and coherent (as a concept of an analyzed ending) and sometimes the result turns inexplicable in a reasonable way but perfectly logical as a sensitive image. The top hat represents this union while the person stays semi-anonymous being only visible his or her silhouette and essential characteristics through a TV interference which represents the individuals as a potentially living beings to communicate the end of all the existence.